Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Day With My Dad

Today my Daddy took the day off of work....just for ME!!! We hung out in our P.J.'s and watched one of the greatest movie series ever.....INDIANA JONES! They are my Dad's personal faves. So we pigged out on popcorn and ice cream. After we were done watching the movies we played Lego Indiana Jones 2 for Wii. You should see how frustrated my Dad gets at the game, its freakin hilarious. One of the best parts of hanging out with him was that we talked. Really talked. We haven't sat down and talked like that in forever. He asked me how I felt about Tanith and really listened to what I had to say and understood what I was saying. So the whole point of this post was to say I love my Daddy :) ..................... and I just realized I'm a HUGE Daddy's girl!!!!!



  1. i love those movies jell !
    10 b-points

  2. I've Never Seen The Movies But Im Sure Pirates Of The Carribean So Beat It! :P Haha!

  3. You've never seen the Indiana Jones movies?!?! That's sad on so many levels

  4. Jelly, your blog is acting retarded but here is me commenting.

    Cutie Jells. I'm totally jealous of you! Enjoy your dad a hundred and one percent!

  5. Ahahaha i love the new blog style thingy......I hurts my eyes! :p