Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Amy, That Pathetic Excuse For A Nurse

Amy. Amy is the so called "nurse" who is the main "nurse" assinged to take care of Kit, Johnny and I. In the most conveniant and simplest terms, Amy is an annoying stupid bitch who deserves to be run over by a wheelchair. So if you couldnt tell I am not fond of her, and niether are Johnny and Kittay. She is making Johnny wear this hospital gown that has cows on it. She is trying to make me wear one and I am like Hell No!! She gave Johnny the wrong Jell-O, which may not seem like a big deal but when you are stuck in a hospital its the little things that matter. This is the thing that annoys me the most about her: I was watching St. Elmo's Fire yesterday when Amy walks in. She is all like "OMG! Rob Lowe is soo hot in this movie blah blah blah" I was like "Dont talk to me when Rob Lowe is on the screen." Yet she keeps talking " I used to have a poster of Rob Lowe on my wall, I used to kiss it everyday" Finally I was like "SHUT UP! You are ruining this movie for me!!!!!!!' Then she left. But she still finds the need to talk about him to me. Then today she did the same thing, but I was watching The Breakfast Club and she was talking about Judd Nelson as Bender. sigh. Oh and I need to tell you about the little old man!! Last night he was trying to escape in his wheelchair and Kit and I were cheering him on!!! Kit befriended him and they are plotting to do something to Amy! YAY! Also Kit got him to try to run over Amy today! Hehehe. That dude is awesome! GO LITTLE OLD MAN!!!!!!!


P.S. Brooke, Kittay, Pony and I have made Facebooks!!! So you guys should get your asses on there and make one too! I am under Angelica Winston.


  1. THE LITTLE OLD MAN IS MY NEW BFFFFFFF! I BOW DOWN TO HIS AWESOMENESS! I want out. I h.a.t.e Amy. I need a hug and some decent food.

  2. That nurse creeps me out.... She was hitting on me and I'm half her age..... Eewwww


  4. i feel bad fo' u darry but do this grab a wheel chair and roll it over her. haha chack out my blog tell me wat u think

  5. Amy is creppy, I went to see you guys and she pretty much told me I couldn't because she thought "my condition was contagous". I mean WTF ya'll cant get preggo by LOOKING at me!

  6. haha blair LOL thats funny