Monday, September 20, 2010

"I call Jensen."

So the other day I was chilling eating a muffin (there you go Johnny :D) when I heard this on the radio........
"Are you a fan of the hit CW show Supernatural? Would you love to hang out with the shows stars, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles? You and two of your closest friends could win a fully paid for 5 day visit to the set in Vancouver! Go to our website to enter and get more details."
I just about choked on my muffin. I went online to the website and sure enough it's legit. After I stopped hyperventilating I called my Supernatural buddies, Carson and Blair and told them to get their asses online and enter too. I looked at all the details.
-Everything is paid for; airplane tickets, everything at the hotel, food, shopping and a limo to bring you from place to place.
I almost choked on my muffin.....again.
Fast forward to a few hours ago.
Blair, Carson, and I are waiting for the radio people to announce the winners. Meanwhile we are watching random Supernatural dedicated videos on Youtube. That sparked a bit of a fight. Carson and I wanted to watch Dean Winchester videos, while Blair wanted to watch [insert WTF face here] Sam Winchester videos. As we came to a resolution we heard the chorus for "Carry On My Wayward Son" which was the sign that they were about to announce the winners. We immediately shut up as Mr. Radio Dude was like "Supernatural fans, it is that time. We are going to call the winner of the contest. I am going to call the" We hear a ringing noise for a couple of seconds. Then my phone starts to ring. I looked wide-eyed at Car and Blair.
"No fuckin way....." Carson whispers.
I answer hesitantly "H-h-hello?"
"Angelica Winston?"
"You are the winner!!!!!!!!!!!" Its Mr. Radio Dude!!!!!
"Oh. My. God." Blair says as Carson looks like she's going to pass out and I start jumping around like a freakin idiot.
As I finally hang up with Mr. Radio Dude, Carson says with a smirk " I call Jensen."
So we are leaving on Thursday afternoon for our little trip, it officially starts Friday, and should get back late Tuesday. We'll keep you updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. hmm, my girlfriend is leaving town to hang out with other men. Not sure how I feel about that :/

  2. aw!! im so happy for you jells!!!! :D :D

  3. Psht Jared wont be for long! Sorry Dal, but as soon as I see those abbs I'm gonna be ALL over them xD

  4. Haha brother jellys responsilable more then me:). Dang it jells i want to go those people are LAGIT!!

  5. I'm kind of glad I'm not really a Supernatural fan, because if I were and you hadn't invite me, I'd kick yo ass. And it is legit! Make sure you get Jared to give me an autograph :D. And Ryder, stfu, this is great!!!!

  6. woah curly hahahah............god bad images lmao ok think of pie jamie PIE remember :D
    jelly my commenting :D

  7. Dude Blair I got abs u can feel all u want whenever u want ;p

  8. Whoa wait I just got what curly said. Man that's so twisted u gay fuck. Haha I shoulda seen this comin. Curly the gay

  9. Im Gonna Pretend I Know Who Those Guys Are And That I've Watched The Show And Say...
    THATS REALLY COOL!!! :) PS Mr. Radio Dude :p Haha He's The Best