Monday, July 12, 2010

Grandma Has Left The City

After all of the guilt from you guys, I am posting.

SHE'S GOOONE!!! (Hmm that makes me think of the Hall & Oates song.) Wow. I don't know if I am emotionally and mentally ready to talk about my recent experiences with Grandma Liz, but I shall try.

As my Dad and the taxi driver hauled all of her luggage, Grandma came into the house, said “Oh Angelica!” and gave me the tightest hug in the history of hugs. “You look so grown up and beautiful!”
“Thanks Grandma.” I said, still recovering from that hug.
“So my dear” she said looking me up and down “what size bra do you wear?”
Thankfully Dad interjected with “Let me show you wear you will be staying Mom.”
As she was walking away Grandma called “Angelica, sweetheart, can you make me a drink?”

-Learning that she is a great grandma
Later that day she insisted on seeing Dallas, so she me go find him. Finally after what seemed like forever, I found him at the DX talking with Steve and Sodapop. “Hey Jelly!” Sodapop called, but when he saw the look on my face he asked “What's wrong?”
I turned to Dally and said “ Grandma dearest wants to see you.”
“Oh shit. Uh, tell her that I am busy or something.” he said.
“No way Dal! You can't avoid her forever.” I said. “ If you don't tell her about Blaze yourself, I'll have to and you don't know what else I might just happen to tell her.” I added smirking.
“Man Dal, if I were you I would go see her. You can't risk the damage little ol' Angelica here can cause.” Steve said playfully elbowing me. Dally narrowed his eyes at him but gave in and came with me.

When we got to my house Grandma gave Dallas a huge hug, and the look on his face was priceless!! “How are you sweetie?” she asked him.
“Listen Grandma. I,uh, got something to tell ya.” Dallas said as he sat on the couch. I started to walk away not wanting to face the wrath of Grandma, but Dally grabbed my arm and pulled me down next to him. “You are not leaving me alone with her.” he whispered to me.
“What is it Dallas?” G-ma Liz asked as she settled into a chair.
“Well, I'm”
“You are a what!?!?” That's when she started her noisy and really scary rant/lecture. After she was done with him, she turned to me and said. “ Angelica Marie Winston, how could you let him do this?!?! You two are cousins! You are supposed to look out for eachother!!!” After she was relatively calmed down, she made Dally tell her about Blaze. Thank god she likes babies or somebody would have been killed.

Alright you guys, there will be more about Grandma to come. I think I need a therapist. I know that you guys spent some time with her so why dont you post about it :]

P.S. I wrote this post with a Wii remote and a LOT of patience, so there better be a lot of comments.


  1. Noooooooo!! Grandma Liz needs to come back and see me! She just loves me that much.

  2. LOL i love ur gma! haha she was a real kick! Man jells u wrote this on the wii? Fuck u have a LOT of patience believe me i've tried and pretty much gave up after the first three sentences LOL

  3. Your grandma is pretty crazy lol. And a Wii? Holy crap Jells. Your patience is amaaazzzzing :)

  4. lmao ur gma is damn crazy! but really funny! and i wouldnt not have the paitene to do that on the wii haha im proud of ya :P

  5. i enjoyed ur gma we got along well :/ but that cool u wrote that on a wii but yea i enjoyed ur gma

  6. but if your grandma didnt like babies, maybe dallas would be the one to die =D

  7. You seem like you would enjoy that Soda =]

  8. I love gradma Winston :p. and Kit maybe you should've just been home in the first place to see her D:

  9. Fuck that was the longest lecture ever

    also, Jells. I love how I'm in your interests ;p