Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Little Update On Life

Soooo I really don't know what else to post about so here goes....


I don't know what to say about what happened. It happened so fast and was just I guess the word is terrifying. I really don't like talking about it though. I'm physically recovered but I can't say the same about mentally or emotionally.


WOW! That was one of the best experiences of my life, and I had it with the best person possible. Having a shark a few feet behind is truly freaky. Especially when you don't know it at that exact moment -.-

Jack Skellington

My secret is out. Jack Skellington and I rendezvous ALL the time ;P

Yeah soooo I know this post isn't much buuuuuuuttt it's all my tired brain can handle at the moment :P


  1. And here was I thinking about something creative for you to post about.

  2. haha um should i ask who Jack Skellington is?

  3. Nightmare Before Christmas Jamie!! Tsk. Tsk. I still welcome ideas Kitty :)

  4. Jamie! Jake Skellington is my secret lover! And Jel if I ever see Bob I'm going to skin him, litterly

  5. Jack Skellington...

    I am ashamed!

  6. Jack Skellington scares me just a bit :P

  7. hey guys its me katherine sorry i haven't been on in awhile but i promise i will soon my mom banned me from my computer for a couple of weeks becuz of facebook but i swear that i will


  8. wtf jamie D:! i outta kick ur ass homes! how do u not know who jack skelington is D:. and jellyyyyy post somthing lazy bones :p.

  9. im glad to see hedley on ur playlist haha