Sunday, December 19, 2010

Picky Panda

Kitty and I recently embarked on a day long dress shopping adventure for her wedding.

.........Let’s just say that it wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done.

After a long time of searching....and searching......AND searching, we found the
perfect bridesmaids dresses. (look on Kitty's FB for pics. Blogger doesn't like me -.-)

Then the hunt turned towards the Maid of Honors' dresses. Here's how that went.....

Kitty: "Too blue."

Kitty: "I don't like the flowers."

Kitty: "Jelly. No."

Finally I found the perfecto dress for Dawn and I. (check FB -.-)

For the grand finale, we found the most GORGEOUS dress for Kitty. Let's just say she will look quite sexy in it ;P

Lesson of the day: KitKat Sarah Curtis is one picky panda.

P.S. Sorry for the lame post. Kitty made me post it. Bitch -.-

P.P.S. So I'm making her post the pics MWAHAHAHHAHAHAH! :D

P.P.P.S. Dawn if you're reading this, we need to plan a kick ass bachelorette party. :D


  1. That party is going to be the night of our lives. :D And I love the dresses, guys!(:

  2. :) I can't wait haha and kit's quite the perfectionist jells :P

  3. I wanna see the dressed!!! :O :P

  4. I fully admit I am a picky panda and a perfectionist but when you guys have your wedding you can have it any way you want to.

  5. And i will :P has blair even picked her preggo person dress yet?

  6. since you've taken care of getting the dresses, now you get to help me get a tux ;)