Monday, February 22, 2010

My Dad Has A Girlfriend!

So last night I was just sitting watching the Olympics when my dad gets home from the hospital and after a few minutes, he came and sat down by me. He said, "Angelica, we need to talk."

Me- Okay ( I pause the Olympics)

Dad- Honey, I don't know how to put this, but I have a girlfriend.

Me- (Shocked) Whaaaaaaaaat?!?!

Dad- I know it may be hard to hear, but we are really happy together. Her name is Tanith and she's really cool. I know you'll like her.

Me- * too shocked to talk*

He then told me about Tanith, so here is a short desriciption of her. ( As you guys may know my Dad knows a lot of facts about people.)

Full Name: Tanith Rose Birkshire

Birthday: July 11, 1972

That is all I really heard because I was still in shock, but tomorrow she is coming over for dinner so I will find out more. Ever since my Dad told me I can't help thinking about my Mom. I'm glad my Dad is happy and he deserves to be happy but its still hard. Oh, here is a picture of Tanith.


  1. aww im sorry/happy for you i guess? ik im sorry bout ur mom but im happy for ur dad!

  2. She might be a good person. I know it's hard knowing ur dad is with her. But I guess she makes him happy

  3. I know she might be a good person, this whole situation just makes me miss my mom

  4. I know u miss ur mom. Just like I miss my dad :(

  5. aww im sorry jelly and em! i know how it feels like i was when i was little they were the best parents ever then they turned to getting drunk!!!! :"(

  6. shes really preety like u and ur mom. ur father has real good taste