Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Things I Remember About My Mom

Ever since I found out my Dad was dating Tanith, I've been thinking about my Mom a lot. Here are some things I remember the most about my Mom.
  • Her smile

  • Her full name was Josephine Lily Winston ( Mayfield was her maiden name)

  • Her best friend was Pony, Kit, Soda and Darry's mom

  • How you could talk to her for hours about anything

  • Her awesome sense of style!

  • Anybody in the gang could talk to her and she would listen to them no matter what

  • We had the same fave movies and music
  • She loved the Olympics too :)
  • She was really good at ice skating

  • We could talk about boys and laugh and it wouldn't be awkward
  • Her laugh
  • She always smelled really good
  • She was really smart

  • How my dad always lit up when she entered the room and vice versa

Here are some of my favorite pictures of her...
My mom in the 80's, hehehe

I miss her so much. What do you guys remember about my Mom?


  1. awww jell thats really sad!!! i remeber one time wen all the girls where at ur house for a sleep over and she was talkin to us about boys and stuff lol and then it was like 12 am and she took us out for pizza!!!!=D

  2. I missed your mom Jelly, she was like an aunt to me. Always there for us. She could always make us laugh and she came up with every occurance. I never got bored around her.

  3. u know im srry to say so dont get mad blair or twobit, but i miss jelly's mom and the curtis's mom more than mine

  4. Oh i loved her. we had a hand shake!!she was so sweet,i miss her :/